We Are Issuing A $0.00008/Share Dividend Today.

Monday, July 8, 2024

We’ll begin the process of scheduling your Rebel Dividends payment today and it should reach your bank account before Friday!

If you’ve opted to reinvest your dividends, you will get that receipt issued later TODAY.

Our next live webinar will be tomorrow at 3:30pm ET and will be recorded as usual for those who cannot attend live. Look for an update tomorrow morning with our current share price and full update accompanied with your link to attend our live webinar.

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Disclaimer: Investing is risky and trading profits are only estimates. These can change dramatically over time due to factors out of the control of Rebel Dividends Inc. These investments are inherently risky and very volatile and can result in a full loss of capital. There is also a risk of assets being hacked or stolen. Discuss risks with your financial advisor.

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