We’ve Issued You a Dividend, Special Investor Update

Monday, April 15, 2024

This weekend our portfolio was hit hard by a flash crash in cryptocurrencies.

Our share price declined by 65% this week to $0.00295/share as we were forced liquidated out of much of our AAVE ETH position as well as leveraged long positions in altcoins.

When adding in the weekly dividends our share price is currently down -28% YTD, starting price of $0.0066 and a total of $0.0017/per share dividend issued.

We’ve made significant changes to avoid this from happening again and a smarter and safer strategy to deliver a target 98% YTD return by this summer.

Our goal is to safely achieve a share price of $0.01045 by summer while maintaining a $0.0001/share weekly dividend.

If achieved our share price will have a 58% YTD return and your dividend will bring in an additional 40.9% return.

We’ve officially left AAVE, which has continually caused us to buy high and sell low during periods of volatility and are moving all capital into our 625 airdrop wallets that can achieve exact leverage consistently with Hyperliquid.

This move protects our capital from theft and simultaneously allows us to qualify for extremely high ROI airdrops, 3 of which we are currently focusing on immediately:
Kelp, Eigenlayer & Hyperliuqid.

If ETH rises to $6,314 and we get an average of $2,000 per airdrop per wallet by June 15th we could be looking at $0.01045 share price while maintaining our consistent weekly $0.0001/dividend.

We currently have a +$800K cash pile in reserves to use for this purpose.

Looking further into the future we anticipate hitting a +$12k top price for ETH and the ability to collect on over 24+ airdrops in the next 18 months.

If this is achieved and we maintain 2x leverage on ETH and average only $1000 per airdrop we can bring the share price to approximately $0.02348 by the end of 2025 or a potential 255% from Jan 1st 2024 to Dec of 2025.

Tomorrow we will provide a much more detailed explanation of how we will avoid large losses and safely grow shareholder wealth back through less leverage and consistent airdrops during our live webinar.

Disclaimer: Of course these price predictions assume certain outcomes that may not occur and is only an estimate of a potential return in the future. It’s possible that the share price could also lose value if ETH were to go down in value and airdrops were not achieved.

We’ll begin the process of scheduling your Rebel Dividends payment today and it should reach your bank account before Friday! If you’ve opted to reinvest your dividends, you will get that receipt issued later TODAY.

Our next live webinar will be tomorrow at 3:30pm ET and will be recorded as usual for those who cannot attend live. Look for an update tomorrow morning with our current share price and full update accompanied with your link to attend our live webinar.

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Disclaimer: Investing is risky and trading profits are only estimates. These can change dramatically over time due to factors out of the control of Rebel Dividends Inc. These investments are inherently risky and very volatile and can result in a full loss of capital. There is also a risk of assets being hacked or stolen. Discuss risks with your financial advisor.

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