Rebel Dividends Inc specializes in cryptocurrency investments. We utilize 30 years of combined experience in investing and cryptocurrencies to deliver maximum gains and consistent dividends to our shareholder base.

Our primary strategy involves buying Staked Ethereum and posting it to AAVE in order to borrow USDC at very low interest rates, typically around 1.5%. We then leverage these funds into AAVE to buy more Staked ETH, aiming for a return of 2.5x or 150% leverage while collecting 3.9% staking fees on our leveraged ETH position. This provides the portfolio with nearly a 10% annual return just from staking fees.

We also invest a portion of our funds into yield farm operations on Uniswap. This gives our portfolio exposure to explosive altcoins that can greatly outperform ETH in a bull market while delivering on average a 100% APY on yield farming fees annually.

To mitigate volatility and liquidation risks, we hedge our investments by shorting smaller market cap altcoins using 15X leverage. This allows us to sell off altcoin short positions for great profits during sharp market sell-offs and reduce the risk of losses to our leveraged long ETH position.

One of the unique features of Rebel Dividends Inc. is that we pay a weekly dividend based on our current and anticipated future returns. These dividends can be paid for from short-term profits or by adding debt from AAVE.

You can change which bank you receive your dividends to at any time and can also opt to have your dividends automatically reinvested into more shares to grow your position hands-free.

With most of our clients being in their late 50’s or older we also position our firm to transfer your assets to your beneficiaries, so you can always feel comfortable about your investment.

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We are passionate about investing in cryptocurrency and believe that our strategy provides strong returns while effectively managing risk. If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about our investment approach, please do not hesitate to reach out.